Men Dish on the latest Oral Sex They’ve Ever Gotten

“Sometimes my gf will minimize exactly what she’s doing in the exact middle of a blow work and have me personally the things I want her to accomplish next. The cool component is if I have anything special in mind or to see what she can do to please me right then that I know she knows what to do, but she checks in to see. Simply once you understand that she would like to please me is this kind of change on—and makes me would you like to please her more after she’s completed. ” —Matty, 33

“You realize that song, the lollipop track? That’s essentially just just what my gf does whenever she’s heading down on me. She’ll wait until my penis is wholly erect, then she’ll hold it in her fingers and lick it through the base towards the top all over the entire thing. Feels great. ” —Seth, 29

“Usually we hate it whenever girls utilize their teeth during dental intercourse. It hurts. But exactly what may be great is whenever she does it in an excellent way that is gentle. The girl I’m dating at this time as soon as did this thing where she gently traced her teeth all along my shaft and utilized her tongue to lightly lick it during the exact same time, too. It had been interestingly great! ” —Nick, 33

“My gf and I also had been having supper at this sushi restaurant, and it also ended up being using forever for the rolls to reach. She looked to me personally and whispered, ‘Meet me personally in the restroom. ’ I really couldn’t tell if she ended up being severe, but she got up, and so I adopted a couple of mins later on. We locked ourselves when you look at the co-ed bathroom, and she proceeded to just kneel straight straight straight down and give me a blow work. It absolutely was undoubtedly the sexiest blow task I’ve ever gotten given that it ended up being therefore spontaneous, while the thrill of possibly getting caught managed to make it appear additional unique. Girlfriend for the win! ” —Keith, 29

“My gf and I also you will need to keep it real when you look at the bed room and constantly decide to try brand new things. A couple of days ago, she brought a glass of ice water to bed and put an ice cube inside her mouth prior to offering me personally dental. The freezing sensation felt amazing and actually heightened the ability! ” —Kevin, 29

“I experienced an excellent essential conference at work a week ago, and I also ended up being telling my gf about this during the night. Early that she woke me up with a surprise blow job to start my day off right morning. It certainly place me in a mood that is great and I also killed the conference that day! ” —Chris, 29

My internal legs are super sensitive and painful, plus it seems so excellent whenever my gf massage treatments them. Last week, i got to my home from the run and now we started fooling around, and she paused in the center of the blow work to therapeutic massage and kiss my thighs that are inner. Because of the time she returned to my penis, I became therefore fired up that we orgasmed in about two moments. Therefore. Awesome. ” —Rick, 29

“My gf will sporadically hum a tiny bit while my penis is inside her lips. It’s awesome since it adds more to the dental and helps it be more powerful. It is additionally funny because we do yoga together, therefore if we reach the “omm” component by the end, I picture her saying ommmm during dental. Positively makes the yoga a bit that is little! ” —Ray, 29

“I adore it whenever my gf brings back at my balls appropriate before I’m going to come. That additional tug makes my orgasm a great deal more intense! ” —Brad, 24

“One time, this girl we dated took her tongue and pressed down in the opening from the mind of my penis. I’d never had anyone do this before and didn’t even recognize it absolutely was a plain thing that might be done. The stress felt amazing! ” —Andy, 26

“The most sensible thing a woman can perform, for me, is use both her arms and lips as well me oral while she is giving. My ex-girlfriend ended up being a professional at that; she scarcely ever stuck to 1 at a time. She’s flick the top my penis with her tongue while twisting the base of my shaft together with her fingers in contrary guidelines. It seems therefore awesome because it is virtually double the feelings. ” —Johnny, 28

“Blow jobs feel a great deal better whenever my penis is wet; otherwise it may begin to harm. I like it when my gf spits on my penis after which spreads the spit all over along with her tongue. But i prefer it better yet once we use flavored lube. She spreads it all over my penis, after which every thing she does feels more painful and sensitive additionally the experience is heightened! ” —James, 33